Establishing of Company


We will provide you with support and assistance for establishing company, either physical or legal entity (liability limited company, incorporated, general partnership, special limited partnership, cooperative, etc.).

We are experts on any necessary steps to be made when founding new business, mainly on legal, economic, tax and other advisory.

When establishing the company, it is necessary to meet specific requirements that assume overall knowledge of related law and further regulations, which represents extensive number of patience and time.

If you leave the registration of the company to the expert, you will benefit from smooth process without any annoying complications. Any incipient entrepreneur will receive a summary of legal, economic, tax and accounting laws, as well as fundamental overview about human resources, marketing, insurance and other areas that are related to his entrepreneurship.

We can support you in the following areas:

  • Definition of scope of business
  • Decision on suitable form of entrepreneurship
  • Preparation of necessary documentation, contracts, agreement and forms
  • Business planning
  • Information about business plan financing options
  • Possibility to obtain a certificate on requalification course "Basis of entrepreneurship" combined with financial resources from the program START
  • Opportunity to be trained in miscellaneous fields


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