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Creating business strategy

We offer rich professional experience of our team gained in national and international companies from many different industry fields for creating business strategies.
Current Business model analyses
Business requirements identification
Setting strategic goals
Business model definition
Detailed Business model proposal including tactics
Assistance to Business strategy implementation and follow-up evaluation

Creating Business strategy is mainly based on preparation and implementation part. The realization itself depends on the client’s side with the Project manager’s support; throughout the project however our project managers remain available for discussions, checkups, feed backs and possible revisions of Business strategy.

Change management service

Changes circumfuse us. For many they mean an opportunity, progress, innovation and growth. The other side may be felt as instability, threat and disorientation.

The need for a change within an organization often comes in a moment when a new ICT system is implemented. We have experienced the need of a change even within organization of the company many times – not only from the ICT point of view, but also the cultural change within the company, which brings together implementation of new proceedings, technologies, processes or rules.

Utilizing the concept of the Change management service, we help our clients who got into a change or trend (even if necessarily) to one. We bring structural approach to changing individuals, teams, whole organizations or entire supply chain. Hence we help all who are in a need to move from the present stage to the required and expected stage.

The model we work with leans on the following stages:
Potential change identification
Change requirement analyses, costs and benefits determination
Planning change including analyses of the change’s impact
Change implementation (includes testing)
Evaluation and change verification

Managing Business projects

The services of Business project management is based on the independency of the service to bring the client relevant base data for evaluation and finding optimal solution.
Our services within Business projects management are based on extensive communication skills and rich experiences with managing teams of people not only within line management, monitoring and evaluating their performance not only regarding their work but also their professional growth all in many industry areas.

The added value of our Business project management service is mainly qualified temporary extension of managing capacities of our clients in order to reach the goals and expectations of a project for their benefit. This service is based on the independency of the utilized solutions.

We always sing a contract to protect client’s confidential information as the first step of our cooperation. This way we guarantee our clients absolute confidentiality regarding shared data and strategic company information.
The templates of None Disclosure Agreements may be sent upon request.
Closing the Mandate agreement is the second step. This agreement precisely specifies content, range and timeframe our services within a certain project.

Templates of Mandate Agreement may be sent upon request.
The service of Business project management covers the following steps:
Creating the plan of project management (structured description of expectations and goals, definition of sources, managing procedures definition, setting main outputs and proposal of frame schedule)
Project management realization (detailed breakdown, managing of assignment realization)
Implementing Business project into the life of the company and consequent evaluation related to expectations and benefits

Your company will ensure by utilizing the Business project management service:
Operative planning of activities and capacities on regular basis
Regular evaluation of project’s outcomes
Regular project decision meetings, creation of status report
Temporary extension of managing capacity – line team project management and its motivation
Regular analyses and risk evaluation
Basic ad hoc project evaluation and its presentation
Detailed evaluation of project’s benefits based on selected indexes and its presentation

Creation of marketing strategy

In the age of advanced information and communication technologies it is more and more difficult to ensure and maintain company growth within tough competitive environment. To make the company successful, it is not enough just to have the product marketing strategy anymore.

The next generation of marketing is the holistic marketing (literally gestalt) which promotes products and brands of the company not just externally but internally as well. Further on it represents the entire company consistently as a “brand” towards all targeted groups.

The creation of marketing strategy is based on the following steps:
Definition of mission and vision of the company
SWOT analyses
Stakeholder analyses and definition of target groups
Analyses of competition
Creation / revision of Corporate identity
Marketing strategy proposal as the action plan which includes product strategy, business strategy, price strategy and communication strategy

H.R. Advisory Services

In relation to the Change management and Business project management services we offer to our clients the consultancy in the most sensitive field – human resources.

Our H.R. Advisory service covers:
Audit of company processes from the personal constitution
Optimal structure proposal
Exact definition of responsibilities and competency of individual positions down to the level of description of each position
Rules for internal communication
Motivation of individuals and teams
dentification of requirements for further progress of employees

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